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Preventative Care

The Importance of Preventative Veterinary Care

Animals play an important role in many lives. Large animals, farm animals, and pets are important to owners. Whether as a companion or part of your farm, your animals deserve proper veterinarian care.

At Country Veterinary Service, we provide essential vet services, such as vaccines and flea protection, for those in Farmington, AR, and nearby communities. Preventative care is an important part of animal care for several key reasons. If you've been waiting for your animals to get sick before going to the vet, here are some reasons to consider preventative care. 

preventive care of dog

Protect Your Animals from Ticks and Fleas

Fleas and ticks are an infestation that can be difficult to deal with. Fleas are the most common parasites that impact animals. These insects can irritate the skin and transmit illnesses or parasites like tapeworms. Ticks are dangerous to animals and humans if these insects carry Lyme disease. Fleas and ticks are common in hot environments, and protecting your animals with proper veterinarian care helps keep them safe.

Protect from Dangerous Parasites

Many parasites make your animals sick, and these pests can be lethal. Heartworms are dangerous and are both painful for your animals and expensive. Preventative care can stop infections from becoming a problem. We can also protect from other parasites, such as roundworms and hookworms, that can also affect humans and animals.


Regular vaccines help protect your animals from viruses and other diseases. Vaccines are highly effective preventative care that protects animals from common viruses that can often prove fatal. The viruses that can affect your animals include rabies, parvo, and Lyme disease. The needed vaccines can vary depending on the type of animals you have.

Visit Us for Our Dependable Veterinarian

Preventative veterinary care invests in your pet's health and longevity. Regular check-ups, vaccinations, and preventive measures protect your pet from diseases and discomfort and contribute to a happy and fulfilling life for you and your beloved companion. Consult with our veterinarian to establish a personalized preventative care plan for your pet based on age, breed, and individual needs.

At Country Veterinary Service in Farmington, AR, we care for animals of all sizes, from large animals to house pets. We help keep your animals healthy and cared for, and when you visit us, you can rest assured we focus on the health and well-being of your pet above all else. We have several resources to keep your animals cared for and safe. Our preventive care can help your animals live longer and healthier lives. Contact us at (479) 267-2685 to see how our veterinary services can help you.