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Dog Vaccines

Dog vaccines provide essential protection against dangerous and deadly diseases. Since many of these diseases are highly contagious, vaccinating your dog can also protect other animals. Located in Farmington and serving surrounding areas like Prairie Grove, Lincoln, Bentonville, Little Flock, Gainesville, Winslow, West Fork, and Greenland, Country Veterinary Service provides vaccinations for dogs. 

dog vaccine

Why Dog Vaccinations Are Essential

Vaccinations can stimulate your dog's immune system, allowing its body to produce antibodies that it can use to fight off diseases. When a dog is vaccinated, it learns how to fight off diseases that could compromise its health. Vaccinating your pet significantly reduces its risk of developing serious illnesses. If pets are infected with an illness, they'll be able to recover from their condition more quickly.

Not only is vaccination the best choice for your pet's health, but in some cases, it's also a requirement. Certain vaccinations, like the rabies vaccine, are required in many areas. You may also be asked to provide vaccination records when you apply for a pet license. Hotels, kennels, and doggie daycare facilities often require vaccinations as well.

Vaccinations are a cost-effective procedure that can help you avoid costly treatments later down the line. By vaccinating your dog, you can also keep it from spreading diseases to other animals. Keeping up with vaccination can improve your pet's health as well as its quality of life.

Core Vaccinations for Dogs

Some vaccinations are considered necessary for all dogs. These vaccines are referred to as core vaccinations. Dogs typically receive vaccinations for 4 diseases through a single vaccine called the DHPP vaccine. This vaccinates pets for:

• Canine adenovirus: Also known as hepatitis, this is a liver virus that is highly contagious. If dogs develop hepatitis, it can significantly damage their kidneys.

• Distemper: This virus attacks a dog's gastrointestinal, respiratory, and nervous systems. Distemper is commonly seen in puppies and can be fatal.

• Parvovirus: Puppies are also vulnerable to parvovirus, a highly contagious viral disease that affects the gastrointestinal system. Older dogs may also develop this condition if they're not vaccinated.

• Parainfluenza: This is a respiratory infection that can cause pets to develop other conditions, like kennel cough.

In addition to the DHPP vaccine, dogs must be vaccinated for rabies. Not only is this disease deadly to dogs, but it can also spread to humans. That's why rabies vaccines are mandatory in many areas.

Non-Core Vaccinations

Depending on your pet's risk levels, your veterinarian may also recommend additional vaccines for your pet, such as vaccinations for:

• Bordetella

• Lyme disease

• Influenza

• Leptospirosis

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Preventative care measures like dog vaccination are the best way to keep your pet healthy. Contact Country Veterinary Service to schedule vaccinations for your dog.