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Dental Diseases

If your pet is in need of dental care, we encourage you to visit our practice today. Dr. Tim O'Neill, our experienced veterinarian, has been providing high-quality veterinary care to pets in Farmington, AR for 34 years. At Country Veterinary Service, our mission is to deliver compassionate and quality care. Dental care is an integral part of the services we offer for your pets, and we recommend bringing them in for regular exams every 6-12 months. During these visits, we will examine your pet's teeth and perform a thorough cleaning. As with any type of care, our dental care begins with preventive measures. 

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Routine Dental Cleaning as Preventive Care

Preventing dental diseases is the best approach for your pet's oral health. To that end, we provide routine dental cleanings as part of regular check-ups. These cleanings effectively remove debris and plaque from your pet's teeth. Our veterinarian also cleans the gumline, which eliminates bacteria that can lead to gum disease. One common dental disease in pets is gum disease, which can cause tooth pain and other symptoms.

Gum Disease: A Concern for Pet Owners

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a serious condition for your pet. It can result in tooth pain, excessive drooling, and other symptoms. Your pet may also experience decreased appetite and weight loss. If you notice signs of gum disease, it is crucial to bring your pet to our practice as soon as possible. Gum disease can lead to more severe complications, such as heart disease in dogs. Fortunately, our veterinarians can provide effective treatment for pets with gum disease.

Treatment for Gum Disease in Pets

Treating gum disease in pets involves several steps. We begin by conducting blood work to ensure your pet is healthy enough to undergo the necessary treatment. During the procedure, we provide your pet with pain medication. Next, we administer anesthesia and address any areas with gingivitis. This may involve lavage, polishing, and scaling to remove plaque from your pet's teeth. If a tooth needs to be extracted, we will administer local anesthesia. Following the procedure, we will prescribe pain medication to aid in your pet's recovery. Rest assured, we will closely monitor the recovery process and provide necessary follow-up care.

Schedule a Visit for Pet Dental Care

If your pet requires dental care, we invite you to visit our practice. Country Veterinary Service in Farmington is the best choice for pet dental care in the area. We proudly serve Prairie Grove, Lincoln, Bentonville, Little Flock, Gainesville, Winslow, West Fork, Greenland, and the surrounding areas. We look forward to assisting your pet in maintaining or improving its dental health.