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Meet the Team

  • Dr. Tim O'Neill

    Tim grew up a Kansas farm boy helping his folks raise wheat and cows. He graduated from Kansas State Veterinary School in 1987.

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  • Cindy Zelenko
    Office Manager

    Cindy was born in Ohio and moved to Minnesota when she was younger. She moved to Arkansas 16 years ago. She is married with 2 beautiful girls and a proud Grandma of one. In her spare time, she enjoys side by side, hanging with her friends and family. Cindy has never worked in the veterinary field before and is enjoying what she is doing and learning.

  • Damara Denard
    Veterinary Assistant

    My name is Damara Denard,I was born and raised here in Arkansas, I am married with two
    children a boy and a girl thankfully.I am Fear free certified which is amazing with this job. I am
    currently enrolled in the Penn Foster Vet Tech program which is a blessing. My reason for
    wanting and loving this job so much is for the love of animals and being able to know I made a
    difference in that animal's life. Once i am done with school and become certified i plan to follow
    in the foot steps to become a veterinarian like Dr.Eric Jayne who passed away in a tragic
    accident on July 2,2021 he made a huge impact on my life but as well as many others he is the
    one that made me who i am today. I love to learn new things everyday and in this field there is
    not a day that goes by that you do not learn something new. I can not wait to see where this
    long journey of mine takes me.

  • Grandpa
    Manager Assistant

    Heyo Grandpa here, You have probably heard our staff talk about me, they like to say things like I’m grumpy and accuse me of occasionally biting, none of this is necessarily true. Well kind of ya know, I like to give love bites and randomly strike, But occasionally I give the best loves ever! I spend my days helping Mrs. Cindy with office work, laying on her books, and walking all over her keyboard to make sure the books and everything on the computer is perfect. When I’m not bugging Cindy, you can find me messing around on the front desk keeping everyone on their toes. Come to the country vet to see the most handsome office kitty. :)

  • Fearless
    Local Office Cat

    Hello, I’m Ms. Fearless, don’t let the name fool ya I am in fact scared of everything. You may even hear James call me “fearful” although that’s most definitely NOT my name. Doc saved me and gave me a place to call home. Without this clinic, I’d be your typical tripod kitty, but I’m much more than that I am your local office cat. :)