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  • What to Know about Spay and Neuter Services
    At Country Veterinary Service, our veterinarian is often asked about neutering and spaying services. Our veterinarian serves Farmington, Prairie Grove, Lincoln, Bentonville, Little Flock, Winslow, West Fork, Greenland, and surrounding Read more
  • Pet First Aid
    If you need a veterinarian for a large animal, or other animals, it's time to contact Country Vet Service in Farmington, AR, for an appointment. When you have an animal Read more
    THE UDDER SIDE OF THE STORY               Ever wonder what a veterinarian actually does?  Yes, we treat animals, medically, do surgery, vaccinate and make production recommendations. Read more
  • Pastures and Bloating
    With the current rainfall we have had, our pastures have grown. This spring has also brought a lot of clover to our pastures. I don’t think I have ever seen Read more