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Equine Dentistry

In hygienic terms, equine dentists are the equivalent of veterinary dentists. Equine dentistry is a veterinary specialty that combines general surgery, oral medicine, and dentistry. Through anesthesia and regional nerve blocks (RNB), veterinarians perform dental functions on animals.

Equine Dentistry

What Is Equine Dentistry?

Equine dentistry is an emerging field of veterinary medicine that includes diagnosing and treating oral health problems in horses and other large animals, including cattle, sheep, and pigs.

As with other large animal species, dentistry has become an essential aspect of practice. It allows a veterinarian to identify subtle changes in oral health and behavior that may indicate pain or discomfort. In addition to detecting pathology through examination, x-rays, and ultrasonography, veterinarians must also evaluate teeth by palpation or digital imaging technology (radiography).

Equine Dentistry Problems

When a horse has a dental problem, such as simply missing teeth or an overgrowth of bacteria, it will begin to lose its ability to chew correctly, resulting in sub-optimal nutrition and quality hay or feed.

The equine species is unique in the way their teeth develop. This difference is because they are pack animals and need to groom themselves by rubbing against each other to clean themselves. In addition, a horse is usually ridden at least twice a day, which means thousands of little brushes across their teeth all day long.

After some years, many horses will have problems with their teeth, especially if they do not brush themselves regularly or have never been brushed. To check if there are any problems, veterinary technicians need to use special equipment during diagnostic exams of your beloved pet.

The horse's mouth is ideal for receiving tooth care, making it the perfect animal for any dentist looking to start a practice.

Importance of Equine Dentistry

Equine dentistry is crucial because it helps veterinarians understand how a horse's teeth interact with its environment and how to treat any possible problems. Its scope includes physical examinations and assessments, diagnosis, treatment planning and implementation, follow-up care management, report preparation, and analysis.

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